Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Prayers & Good Thoughts

I almost threw up at my desk when I saw the headline "9 Firefighters Presumed Dead in Copter Crash", then I remembered that S doesn't go to NorCal in his helicopter, and also, he was at home taking a nap. I was freaked out, then relieved, then really sad because 9 firemen are most likely dead and 4 are in terrible shape. Coincidentally, the crew was based out of Grants Pass, Oregon, the city in which S was born, and about 30 miles from his childhood home. Anyway, as relieved as I was, a lot of people are devastated right now, so please and thank you to keep their loved ones in your minds and hearts. Here's an article about it:

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Katherine said...

Um, yeah, that was a little alarming. Fortunately I just seen your FB status update indicating he was home.