Saturday, December 27, 2008

Let's Reminisce

Is that how you spell reminisce? I am still in Colorado (we finally escaped the icy clutches of Grand Junction), enjoying soup, babies, hot buttered bourbon (oh yes), and all around good times. Last night we were watching an old SNL episode (the one with Josh Brolin), and the fantastic Will Forte was on Weekend Update doing his bizarre and awesomely hilarious Tim Calhoun personality. This brought back memories of one of the funniest things ever, which Kelly, Ross, and I promptly found online (or rather, a version of it), and laughed hysterically at. Also, note to NBC: STOP TAKING YOUR SNL CLIPS OFF YOUTUBE. You're only hurting yourselves, because your own website stinks. Thank you. Now, enjoy:

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Guess Who's Stuck in Grand Junction?

That's right, The Wendels. Sigh. It's almost 7am in Colorado, and the pass over the mountains through Vail is closed. So, we sit in our hotel, hoping it opens soon. We're so very close to our final destination...but no cigar. Melt, snow, melt! Plow, plows, plow! Also, stop snowing, sky. Thanks.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Oh hi there. It's been a very hectic few months, all filled with fun things. An engagement, two weddings, a protest, and 60 miles of walking, and it's been a busy fall. I'm going to write a longer post (I swear) about the 3-Day, but I'm sitting here eating ice cold chunks of 70% Scharffen Berger chocolate, so I thought I would discuss some of the sweet treats I whipped up this holiday season.

There was a Cake Walk at City College (for what, I'm not sure), so I thought I would make some cupcakes and try and participate in my campus community. I'll spare you the longer tale of how my gorgeous cakes were greeted with indifference (an outrage! i even wrote an indignant e-mail!), but I'll happily share a blurry picture of my marzipan leaves:

I visited the monkeys in Colorado for Thanksgiving, and managed to leave my camera there. Alas, I was unable to document this year's co-worker treats. Thanks to my idol/mortal enemy Martha Stewart, I had a delightful time learning how to use a candy thermometer when I made Fleur de Sel Toffee. And Deb at has a fun recipe for Orangettes that I modified just a skoosh. I only dipped half of each peel in chocolate, and I also rolled a batch in superfine sugar. Yummy stuff.

And now, some random observations. Unless you are a professional soccer player, a homosexual, or a 15-year-old boy, you should please stop doing your hair like this:

Secondly, I'm watching some sort of Celebrity Skifest on CBS right now, and they just BEEPED out Larry David saying the word "testicles." This is what we've come to, Focus on the Family?? IT'S A BODY PART!!! Thank you.

Thirdly, this guy needs to be stopped:

You may know him from the cable company commercials, his featured role as Agent Cho on The Mentalist, or his two-episode arc as Chaplain Alan Lantz on The Unit. Or maybe you were minding your own business, pumping gas at the Shell station at the entrance to the 163, and this clown "knocks" on the glass of the TV that is perched above the pump. Thanks, NBC "Fuelcast" for forcing this guy into my life even more than he already is.