Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Can I Love Chris Collinsworth?

Because I just think he's adorable. He's clearly having so much fun at the Olympics, and he and Michael Phelps' mom (isn't she awesome?) sitting together in the stands going crazy during the races are just hilarious.

I love the Olympics, but it's killing me that they go so late each night. Actually, the lateness wouldn't normally bother me, but I've begun training for the 3-day, so 6am is when I have to get up and moving. Ouch.

This past weekend was delightful. S actually had some days off, so Friday we met up with J&M for Happy Hour, and then cocktails (the highlight: the scrumptious Summer '08) and the Opening Ceremonies at their pad. Saturday we headed back to J&M's house for a Coffee Cupping--kind of like a wine tasting, but with coffee. Fun, informative, interactive, and tasty. Please enjoy The Tipsy Historian as he expounds upon this passion of his, and details how the whole morning went down. The rest of the day involved a walk on the beach, and more Olympics. Yay summer!

And now, for your enjoyment, Benjamin & Samuel:


Katherine said...

Yay for early morning training! Do you have a buddy? Do you walk by the yoga studio?

Jenny Weddel said...

I have no buddy and I generally don't go down Garnet as it tends to be stinkier than Chalcedony, but I'll have to start varying my routes so I'll give a wave to it eventually.