Monday, July 14, 2008

Odds and Ends

So my plan to "just write" kept getting foiled by me. I just haven't felt particularly inspired or interesting enough to click the "new post" button. But, there have still been some fun tidbits that I did want to share.

Well, first, ahem, the latest Shindy episode is up, this time featuring the delightful Whisknladle in La Jolla. M&J first mentioned this place to me, and I was so glad I got to check it out. I had a really fun time interviewing their pastry chef, including a solid 10 minutes off camera grilling him about why my buttercream hasn't been working lately. The owner and staff couldn't have been nicer, and the food and cocktails are exceptional. Their whole philosophy of locally grown quality food is easy to support too. Oh, and if you haven't yet seen me thwacked with leaves, here it is.

Other fun things:
  • Upper Left Trio at work's Jazz Live series. Nicest guys, pretty progressive jazz, but so fantastic live.
  • Samuel knows where his feet and his nose are.
  • Benjamin can meow like a cat, but only when he feels like it, because he's not your monkey.
  • Claudia Russell, continuing her reign as a most-exceptional lady broadcasting LIVE LIVE LIVE from the North Sea Jazz Festival in Holland. She even made Bobby McFerrin say "wow". Then he made a bunch of popping noises and slapped his chest a whole bunch.
  • I JUST finished watching the end of last season's Prison Break. Man, that show is so terrible, and I love it. They almost buried Sucre alive! And now he's in Sona, what?? And Michael, revenging Sarah getting her head chopped off?!? Good stuff.

Wednesday morning I'm off to Orlando for the big nerdfest public radio conference. Yippee!


Kevin said...

Um, I was totally expecting one of those comic tromps through the forest where some one pulls back a tree limb and lets it loose causing it to swing forward and hit you... I guess that video technically is you "getting thwacked by leaves" but I wanted more slapstick.

Jenny Weddel said...

Kevin: Fingers crossed for YOU that when they post the video of my shoot at The Keating hotel, they leave in the scene where I unknowingly sat in a puddle of water and then had to blowdry my butt in one of the rooms. Fingers crossed for ME they leave it out, like I begged.

jessica said...

happy free books!