Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Experimental Pie

Chocolate covered strawberries are delicious. How could you go wrong dipping a tart, juicy, sweet little berry of goodness into scrumptiousness. However, I'm partial to a less traditional way of eating strawberries. First, dip the berry in sour cream, then in brown sugar, then eat it. Beyond fantastic.
But let's back up a bit. Many Fun Times ago, I was in charge of dessert. Lately, I've been into making puddings. Easy and comforty. I found a recipe for Brown Sugar Pudding on Epicurious and knew I had to try it. It was also yummy. Why not make it into a pie, I ask you?

So I made the pudding, thickened it up with some extra cornstarch, then spread it around the bottom of a baked pie shell. Then, I layered some sliced strawberries all over it, and topped the whole shebang with a sour cream whipped cream. It was....a big shrug. Everything tasted fine, and it held together so-so, but it was just kind of a let down. Keep in mind, I was already trying to figure out how to enter the Pillsbury Bakeoff, and thinking about what I would do with the winnings.
Oh, Experimental Pie, you were a letdown, but your ingredients are so delicious.

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