Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Don't Make Resolutions

But if I DID, I would resolute to write more frequently on my blog. And yes, I know it's "resolve", but what fun is blogging if you can't make up wacky words? It's what the hip teens do on the internets these days.

I was in the midst of writing a brilliantly-crafted letter to some planned giving prospects when Erica and I began discussing the concept of writing for the sake of writing, and no matter how many times you learn it, it just helps to be reminded of its practice. Just write. Stop worrying about having some sort of epiphany to share, or interesting anecdote that will stop the world, just write and get the juices flowing.

So here I am, taking a few moments away from the letter to write. Life is good. 2009 was a very big year in the life of JJ, and a great year indeed. I'm excited about 2010, but at the moment I am reveling in the contentedness of mine and S's life. It's not perfect, but it's warm and cozy and happy and filled with smiles and love and laughter and I guess my other resolution would be to remember to not take that for granted, and to try and stay connected to that feeling.

Also, I'm craving soup for lunch today, so I might head over to Influx for their Tomato Bisque. Maybe I'll take my Scottish-time-travel-romance-adventure book. Ha! "Maybe" I'll take my book. That's funny.

And apparently, my 2-year-old nephew, whose name starts with a B, ate FOUR adult-sized pancakes yesterday. I am 29 years older than him, and I've never been able to eat more than two, and I LOVE pancakes.

How's THAT for a stream of consciousness. What do you think, Airshine???

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Kevin said...

Love it! All aboard the J-train! Next stop: where ever she feels like, suckas!