Friday, June 6, 2008

People Who Suck

So various friends who I love and respect have been encouraging me to write more postings and not fret about the brilliance and insight of each topic. I sure didn't want my first post in 5 months to be negative, but here it is, and I promise the next one will be much cheerier.

S got his car stolen from in front of my apartment last night. There are a few silver linings: it wasn't his truck, it didn't have the multiple sets of uniforms in it that he has to keep packed at all times. But there was some electronic stuff he just got for his new gig at the airbase; his beloved, expensive, and always carefully selected sunglasses; and all his work certificates that he has earned for various specialty classes that may or may not be able to be replaced. What an infuriating and absolutely violating experience. It's maddening to basically be left helpless, because there's really nothing the police can do. You just have to say "oh well!" to thousands of dollars of your things, your mobility, your better gas mileage, your connection to your grandma (it was her car), taken from you by some assholes who will probably just end up working for S at Rainbow. Ah, irony.

There was some wildland gear in the backseat, and I am praying it was covered in poison oak oils.

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Kevin said...

Welcome back to the land of amateur journalism. That sucks that Shane's car was stolen, I guess the feeling of not knowing where the car was was not as glamorous as Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott led me to believe it is. Thank you for simultaneously reminding me what I DO and DON'T miss about PB. Hurraarrgh.