Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Moon Chaser

October in San Diego means every time you get out of your car, you'll forget that it's bone dry outside, and as soon as you touch any teensy piece of metal on said car, you're going to get shocked like there's no tomorrow. It hurts, and it gets old real fast. However, there are some good things too. For you PB-expats, here was the view looking east down Chalcedony as I got home tonight:


It smells faintly of smoke, and the moon is gigantic! It's almost Halloween!
On a totally unrelated note, here is my latest Shindy episode. Supposedly a new one, wherein I get a manicure at a boutique in Little Italy, should be posted any day now. But they've been saying that for going on 3 weeks, so who knows. In the meantime, enjoy The Fleetwood, and know that the guy who looks like Sean Astin was as douchey as he seems.

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