Friday, January 11, 2008

It's a Start

Tonight we are going to opening night of Cirque du (de? di? can we get some uniformity on that, other languages? Please?) Soleil's "Corteo." S is hoping for free ice cream at intermission, my fingers are crossed for some odd display of juggling, like a person juggling another person while being tossed up into the air by a giant parachute held by bodysuited French Canadians. As I reread that last sentence, I realized this scenario is entirely possible.

The show is at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, so we're going to snag some din-din beforehand at The Fish Market right across the street. Last time we went there, we ate in their bar which is far more charming and less crowded than the restaurant, and no wait or reservations were needed. I like that option.

Tomorrow, who knows where the day will take us? Linens n' Things?? Probably. And Go Bruins.

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